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The Immune System

The Immune System

The immune system is designed to defend the body and fight infections. Some people’s immune systems function better due to diet, lifestyle choices or genetics, and some people will be more susceptible to infections than others. Poor dietary choices such as a diet low in fresh fruit and vegetables (rich sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants), and high in sugar and processed foods, can negatively impact the immune system. A lack of exercise and a stressful lifestyle can also play a role in a lowered immune system.

Keeping your immune system strong is important throughout the year. Nobody likes to feel under the weather.

How can Sambucol help?

All year round support

Sambucol can be taken all year round to support your immune system. Increased dose is recommended during winter months. See directions for details.

At the first sign

Sambucol gives your immune system additional support when you start feeling under the weather.

When travelling

Aeroplanes, public transport, air-conditioned buildings and busy public areas always put your immune system through its paces. Our tip is to take our Immuno Forte Capsules or Immuno Forte Effervescent Tablets with you in your luggage.

During winter

Winter weather puts additional strain on our immune systems. Warm indoors, cold outdoors, dry air and people under the weather, all this requires your immune system to fight stronger. That's why we recommend increasing the dosage of Sambucol to winter dose. See dosage instructions for details.

Before an important event like a wedding

Take Sambucol to give your immune system additional support before an important occasion like a wedding or a holiday.